Thursday, 10 April 2014

The Catch Up Post

I know I know, I've been neglecting you cuties.... To be honest I've been busy with work and trying to organise going back to college in September and I haven't had spare minute to myself in a few weeks.

Been working, been out alot, been to two concerts and a few rugby games.... And on top of that I have a wedding that I'm going to in two weeks time so I can't wait.

So just a quick catch up....

I got to go to The Wanted in the O2 with my little sister a few weeks ago, where we sang and posed all night and then pouted at the end. They were backed up by The Vamps who were amazing, i feel in love with them. So between The Wanted and The Vamps it was an amazing concert.

Goofy faces

At the start of the month I got to relive my childhod, and go to the Backstreet Boys for the second time and I ended up leaving with a very sad face. They were amazing and I didn't want it ever to end.

Backstreet Boys selfie... Made my night.

Not only were the BSB playing, their back up was All Saints, who didn't love All Saints.

The Backstreet Boys are well and truly BACK.... Sing it, go on.... "BACKSTREETS BACK, ALRITE"

Anyways, so my step mom is a hairdresser and ever since I seen this altered picture of the lovely Lauren Conrad and her lilac hair, I've wanted to dye my hair this colour. So I have spent some time researching how we would go about it, and the colour I need and I think I might go ahead with it before the wedding in two weeks time.

This dirty lilac colour is what I am looking for but I'm not gonna lie, I'm super nervous.

Oooooooooooh Love It Too Much.

And I'm hoping my hair will be nice and shiny when the wedding comes and I can get my hair to look super-de-duper with my up-do.

I've been out alot with my girls, my old girls and my new work girls... And I'm having the so much fun, have a sneak peek....

With my lil lady Alex.....Top and trousers: Penneys / Primark

With my new friends from work Aly and Grainne
Top: River Island
Skirt: New Look

More girlies from work; Jenny, Roisin and Aly.

Snapping selfies with Sophie.....

Snapping at inappropriate times in Penneys, messing with new specs.... Boom!!

With Sophie,
Jumpsuit: borrowed from Soph but it is from River Island, of course! :-P

And Vogue!!

Silly snapchats.... A night wouldn't be complete without them.

This is the outfit I was planning on wearing to the wedding, what do you guys think? This photo was taken last year at my 21st birthday party and that lovely dress from Oasis never got another outing. It's been sitting in my wardrobe since then so it needs a day out.

So that's the catch up over the last month and a half.... I've been busy busy busy....
Kisses chickies 🐥


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