Monday, 29 October 2012

Oversized or Patterned, it doesn't matter it in!?! Fall 2012

Fall 2012; Big coats, patterned suits and making curves  

Oversized coats are so in this season.... i love these few.
The pink one by Chloes,
The next by Victoria Beckham... I love them

Patterned suits, jackets and pants

Like this one by Rag & Bone...


Or this great red suit by Miu Miu, its like something out of Sex in the City

Roberto Cavalli, all fabulous pieces fit for anyone!

Its all about curves this season so if you got them flaunt them and if you don't make them! Use a belt to sinch in you waist to give the illusion of having curves! Give it a try!


Sunday, 28 October 2012

Plaits, Buns and Fishtails

Blake's Unforgettable Plaits

Some girls are so adventurous with their plaits.... love them!

Might give them a try!

Halloween Skeleton Make-Up

Halloween Make-up....

Tis that time of year again, and this hasta be my fav make-up design! So gonna try this

Even with this make up- she still looks so beautiful

Matte black french manicure!

Matte black nails with french black gloss tip! love it!!!!

As seen on Vogue Daily News online!

Monday, 22 October 2012

Giddy Up... Equestrain Style 1.0.1

So this is my first blog.... So i took a page from my cousin's book and tried my hand at blogging... She's only just started, have a peek at her blog

I'm loving this years style, full of pattens and classy cuts- my perfect style.
The latest thing I'm really loving is the equestrian style clothes coming out these days. Ralph Lauren has mastered this style.

Check out thes fab two-tone leather boots perfect for winter and ideal to keep the toes warm.... I am in love with them and they are next on my list of thing to buy.

 These would be amazing with skinny jeans or leggings... truely the best type of boot for the winter season.

Even Victoria Beckham gave her hand a try on the equestrain style... and I have to say she did a good job

And this style wouldn't be complete without some Tommy Hilfiger... love the fitted jacket, and killer leather pants