More About Me

My name is Alison Phelan and I'm  a 22 year old girl from Galway, Ireland. I am an avid reader of anything fashion related and when I was small all I ever wanted to do in life was be a designer. At the moment, I work in River Island. I've finished my degree in Science where I specialized in Biochemistry. My cousin was my inspiration for starting my blog. She started hers and it pushed me forward to follow in her stylish footsteps. I use blogging as a way to let the creative juices flow.

I understand that it takes time to develop an audience or a following but that sort of stuff is not as important to me as getting a chance to put my fashion thoughts down somewhere for people to enjoy. I've always been into fashion but now I see it more often in everything I do.

Stay tuned... Enjoy reading and hopefully this blog inspires someone else even just a little.


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