Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Coachella 2014: The Style, Weekend 1

So it's that time of year again, when Coachella valleys are filled with music and my soul weeps because it is another year that has past in which I was not there. It's one of those festivals where celebrities come to watch other celebrities play music and set the fashion trends for the up and coming summer festival season.... If some of these celebrity styles don't influence your summer look something is terribly wrong with this situation.

Its a place where some unfortunate people don't have much mirror space for their make up application but they still manage to look amazing! Celebrities being celebrities, have make up artist and stylists in their campsite or should i say in the Guess hotel, but these are the people we look towards to set the festival trends.

Jared Leto, rocked out in his festival gear, and looked the part wearing great patterns.

This head piece may not have been worn on a celebrity head but it was too cute not to include in the post.... I'm heading to Longitude in July, purely to see Disclosure and the 1975 but if I could find a headband like this I would be in my element.

Cut off jean shorts were a massive trend this year like they are every year, wore here by Sarah Hyland with a cut out t-shirt and a cute lace bralet.

Kate Bosworth, the queen of festival style arrived in this little number making every girl very jealous of her stunning figure.

Jared Leto look number 2, really shows why he is my best dressed celebrity. Those pants make me one very big green eyed monster- i want a pair. And the mix matched patterns, animal print and tartan, really look amazing. Love him.... Love this style.

The two Jenner ladies were very close to getting crowded best dressed... Kylie in my opinion looked the better of the two lovely ladies, with that lace bodice and the flower garland on her head. But her older sister did win out on one or two of the outfit wars, more pictures below.

Katy Perry and her green hair, I'm not sure about the colour to be honest, it reminds me of a blonde dye-job gone wrong.

Kellan Lutz wore this outfit on day 3.... What a stud.

Eeeeck this friendship is so amazing that there are no words.

Alessandra Ambrosio's nails made me very jealous, I love the black out line.

Sienna, Poppy and Cara, all in one photo, enjoying a good giggle in the sun.

Part one of two..... Coachella style.... Giving inspiration to girls all around the world, and making us all jealous at the same time.


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