Thursday, 10 April 2014

How To Rock The Tartan Shirt

So since starting work in River Island, I've fallen in love with a red tartan shirt that can actually be found in the menswear department. This one is a heavy lumberjack type fabric and comes in a bottle green aswell.

Anyway as I've fallen quite hard for this shirt, I thought I would share a few amazing looks which incorporate the best of tartan shirts.... So let's have a look.

This white tartan shirt, give this look another monochrome dimension. And with a tan like that I'm sure everything would look good.

Give a pop of colour with this cute shirt.

Love this look on a guy, the shirt and turned up jeans complete this dapper look.

Skeena from looks stunning in her shirt matched with those leather pants... She always knows how to knock the nail on the head in relation to style. I heart her too much.... Check out her blog- the link is above.

I love this look, the yellow jumper and the red and blue tartan looks fab-u-lous.

Ooh this is stunning, blue tartan with the white looks amazing.

These last few pictures are from and it shows the shirt in all its glory, ooooooh i love it.... Very tempted to buy it when I get paid again and feel rich for all of one day. Pay day can't come fast enough..... Come on money!!

Anyways, hope you enjoyed my blog and didn't miss me too much.

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