Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Suki Waterhouse- French Connections New Face

Suki Waterhouse has been crowned the new face of French Connection's ad campaign for their Summer collection, White Lies. Suki wears crisp white cotton shirts, tailored blazers and shorts, crochet jumpers and cute dresses. The pieces in their collection range from 22 to 150 pounds.

Broderie anglaise has not been seen in fashion for a long time, and this jumper is bang on trend.

Waterhouse is rumoured to be the new face of Burberry. Her brooding and smouldering looks make this ad campaign stunningly editorial. Her wet look hair being slicked back showed an edgy side to the all white minimal campaign.

The LWD is the new LBD in this collection. And bang on trend for Summer including a sheer ruffled dress which is perfect for the trend which is bound to become popular for SS13 collection.

The girlish side of these dresses include delicate lacework and sheer panels allow for a sexy yet sophisticated look.

Masculine meets feminine with the tailored blazers and crisp cotton shirts. This allows for a clean minimalistic look.

Waterhouse grew up in Chiswick near West London. She began modelling in primary school posing for editorial features for new toys being brought onto the market. Starting at a young age has definitely given Waterhouse plenty of practise on her pout!
Love her, love this collection!
What do you guys think?

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

80's Movies That Moulded Fashion

The 80's is a decade famous for it's movies and it's fashion. Movies such as The Breakfast Club, Dirty Dancing, Footloose... And fashion trends such as massive shoulder pads, fingerless gloves, tiny mini skirts and leg warmers, the lists are endless. And with fashion always bound to make a comeback, I decided to take a look back at the movies of the 80's that influenced the fashion.

1.Pretty in Pink (1986)

Molly Ringwald started in this and a lot of movies in my list. And look at Jon Cryer (Alan) from Two and a Half Men. Molly plays Andie Walsh a girl who must make a decision to choose between the affections of her doting childhood sweetheart Duckie (Cryer) and a rich but sensitive player.

Best scene in the movie when Duckie dances in the record shop to "Try a Little Tenderness"... Miming the whole song and with so much feeling. By far the best scene.

2. Dirty Dancing (1987)

"Nobody puts baby in a corner."
Dirty Dancing is one of those movies that every girl has to seen once in her life. Frances or Baby as she is know, spends the Summer at a holiday camp and falls for Patrick Swayze's character Johnny the dance teacher at the camp.

The dance finale and one of the most influential dance moves of all time. If anyone has seen Crazy Stupid Love then they have seen this move only with a half naked Ryan Goosling instead.

3. Flashdance (1983)

Alex Owens played by Jennifer Beals, is a determined 18 year old who works as a welder during the day and a dancer during the night at a local bar. Famous music from this movie include Irene Cara's "What A Feeling" and Michael Sembello's "Maniac". The story follows Alex's struggles in finding love and getting to dance with the Pittsburgh Conservatory of Dance.

The famous water dance scene.

This image shows a trend of the 80's- oversized t-shirts and jumpers... Especially those without necklines and short cut sleeves.

4.Footloose (1984)

Ren McCormick (the yummy Kevin Bacon) moves to live with his aunt and uncle in a Midwestern town over run by rules made by the minister and the church, banning youthful joys such as music or dancing! But like most great movies- every rule is broken. Ren revolts against all the rules with his best friend Willard played by Chris Penn and the minister's daughter.

5. The Goonies (1985)

Stars a young and good looking Josh Brolin. A group of kids in a small town find a treasure map and follow it down into the caves as into trouble.

And who can forget the cute friendship between Chunk and Sloth, the monster from the tunnels.

6. Back to The Future (1985)

Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox) is blasted back through time from 1985 to 1955. Marty works with a friend of his Doctor Emmett Brown and his lil dog Einstein. Travelling back in the DeLorean, making it one of the most famous movie props of all time. Marty accidentally alters the actions of his parents causing serious problems and vaporising his future completely.

Einstein- greatest dog ever!

7.Risky Business (1983)

Joel played by Tom Cruise, had normal teenage, girls, money just like every other young man. Then his parents left for a week, and all his fantasies came true.

Most famous movie scene, a popular Halloween costume and a scene copied by many tv shows including Scrubs.

8. Desperately Seeking Susan (1985)

Staring Madonna as Susan (when she was a actor as well as a singer), Rosanna Arquette as Roberta and Aiden Quinn. Roberts gets mixed up for Susan and results in trouble and love.

And the jacket that every 16 year old girl, that has ever seen the movie wants. With the pyramid eye on the back- the jacket that causes all of Susan's and Roberta's mix ups. I would love a statement jacket like this and it is this type of jacket that is coming back in style.

9. And 10. Three Men and a Baby... And Three Men and a Little Lady

Tom Selleck, Steve Guttenburg and Ted Danson start in these two great movies about family, responsibility and their love for one little girl. It follows their stories as they grow and adapt to a new baby, changing dating and partying for feeding and changing nappies. Mary, the little baby, soon becomes "Daddy's girl" to all three men.

In the sequel Three Men and a Little Lady, Mary is now 5 years old and ends up in England with her mother agreeing to marry. The three men all realise how empty life is without Mary and vow to eat her back.

Other movies to see include

"Bueller.... Bueller... Bueller... Anybody... Bueller"

Gilbert Grape staring a young Johnny Depp and Leonardo DiCaprio. Brilliantly heartwarming movie with great first time acting by DiCaprio.

Teen Wolf

"Wax on... Wax off"

St. Elmo's Fire staring a young and beautiful Demi Moore and let me tell you her outfits are amazing.

Say Anything- one of my favourite movies and the best scene ever- a great way to win someone back! Amazing soundtrack and great cast.

The great Molly Ringwald- again... This time in 16 Candles, her birthday is forgotten but it ends up being one to remember.

Cocktail... With Tom Cruise you say, well how can I resist.

Big, with Tom Hanks, this is the best scene in the movie filmed dancing on a giant floor piano is defiantly a scene to remember.

And of course Top Gun! "Take my breath awaaaaaaay!!!"

So I know I said this blog was about fashion, but movie costumes also count and 80's is a time of great change within the fashion world.
Stretchy-Stirrup Pants are coming back I can feel it, since leggings are back with a storm it's only a matter of time before these stirrup pants come back.
Fingerless gloves- a love of Madonna in the 80's.
Oversized tops- as seen on Jennifer Beals above! The oversized wooly jumper are back with a shout and look great with leggings or white wash denim jeans or Levi's.
Parachute pants- a ridiculous design but none the less wore by most teenagers in the 80's. Absolutely massive pants seen in the likes of MC Hammer.
Legwarmers; I think they have had their time, not even wore on gym-goers nowadays. Dancers maybe but I do doubt it.
Overalls, dungarees and Doc Martins... Are to name a few more of the 80's styles that made a comeback. Doc Martins are here to stay I think but overalls and dungarees can stay back in the times.

Well that's been my visit to the 80's... Hope you enjoyed this post I loved reliving my next great passion next to fashion and that is movies and the soundtracks that go with them.