Thursday, 27 June 2013

Rihanna Concert at the Aviva Stadium

So I took my younger sister to her first ever concert last week to see the amazing Rihanna, and considering my little sisters name is Rhianna she was only to delighted to be there. I have to admit though i was a little nervous as to how it would go and how she would sound in such a massive stadium. It was her biggest selling gig in Ireland to date and it did not seem to phase her at all.... She was simply fantastic.
I usually find myself listening to other people like The Civil Wars, or John Mayer... And only on nights out would i listen to Rihanna but we bought her new album Unapologetic and I couldn't stop listening to her. Her album was amazing, showing her talent at mixing sounds up.

At first i found her hard to see on the stage, she wore this amazing black piece designed by Givenchy but with her background screens also black it was difficult to see her... But we could certainly hear her, she has a brilliant voice.

Her hair was stunning.

My little sister, learning from the best.... Poser!

My sister, Rhianna and I at the concert!

Rihanna's outfit choices blew my mind, she wore the most amazing outfits and they all suited her! Have a look at her outfit changes at her previous concerts!

After the concert, the singer stayed at the Four Seasons in Dublin, staying the whole weekend before moving on to Amsterdam. She partied after the concert in Lillies and looked just as good then.

So the singer looked fab, but her outfit as she arrived in Amsterdam was stunning have a peak...

Friday, 14 June 2013

Pretty Woman Movie Night

I watched Pretty Woman the last night with my cousin Meghan from MeghanMode. She had never seen it before and I had to right that fact. I'm a lady who loves her 80's movies and her romances so I adore it!

Most people, even those who haven't seen it, know the general idea of the film.

Julia Robert, who plays Vivienne, is simply stunning in it, with a body to die for and hair so good it belongs on a Pantene adverts, she is amazing and people don't give her enough credit for how good looking she really is.

Richard Gere, aka Edward Lewis, plays the male lead, and he looks good for back in the day. You fall in love with him as the movie progresses and just like Vivienne by the end of the movie you don't know where your head and heart actually stand.

Favourite part in the movie.... Is when she gets her revenge of the horrible women of the shop that wouldn't wait on her because of how she looked.

"Welcome to Hollywood! What's your dream? Everybody comes here; this is Hollywood, land of dreams. Some dreams come true, some don't; but keep on dreamin' - this is Hollywood. Always time to dream, so keep on dreamin'"- The Wandering Man of Pretty Woman's Hollywood has this line which has to be the best line ever.

I encourage everyone to watch it, grab some ice cream, a handful of Haribo sweets and curl up with a blanket. Enjoy the fashion, Vivienne wears and the magically relationship between a girl from the wrong side of the tracks and the man who has never even crossed the tracks before!


Thursday, 13 June 2013

Sunglasses: An Investment Piece Even In Ireland

So the exam weather is here and sunglasses are a must. But I've found that the cheap ones do not offer the proper protection for your eyes and as a result I ended up getting slightly sunburnt around my eyes. This made me realise I really want to invest in a proper good pair of sunnies, so I have been looking around online and in local shops and since I'm going away to Spain in August I figured what better time to get a pair then in Duty-free at the airpot.

So people who read my blog regularly will know I am in love with everything 80's, movies, music, clothes... you name it I probably had a love for it at one time or another. And so I've falling back in love with RayBans and their Clubmaster designs. Especially these marble effect purple and white Catty Clubmaster.

And the even come in this blue and red design. I am just so in love with them. As a friend once told me, they are an investment piece, and once you spend that kind of money on something you are more likely to mind them and keep them safe.

Have a look at the most latest RayBan designs... Everything from the original Wayfarer to the aviators, I just can't get enough of them.

Recently becoming as popular as they were in the 70's and 80's, Wayfarer sunglasses were often cited as the best selling glasses in history. Having had a loss in sales during the 70's, RayBan made a deal to have their sunglasses used in hundreds on movies and Tv shows as product placement, and this product could not have been more perfectly placed. Making their comeback in 1983 with 360,000 pairs sold in one year all because of its placement in Risky Business staring Tom Cruise. They are one of the most enduring fashion icons of the 20th century

The Aviators, originally designed for the air force given the name "pilots glasses" with G15 mirrored lenses ideal for blocking out the blinding sun. Worn by even famous person around including some of the Beatles, every cast member of the 80's hit movie Top Gun, and even the crazy Jackass crew such as Johnny Knoxville wears them. They are highly stylish and extremely light on the face and this design hasn't changed much since it's release in 1936.

Moral of this post: invest in good UV protection sunglasses as an " Investment piece"