Monday, 28 April 2014

Wedding Personal Style Post

So my lovely grandparents, Michael and Joyce, got married on Thursday evening. Both being in their 60's and getting married is kinda cute. Their service was on in the Salthill Hotel in Galway. The entire service was so personal to them- it had their favourite songs played between readings and they wrote their own vows. They beamed at each other the whole ay through..... They are very much in love.

The weather was fab and my sister and I took a few snaps in the house before we left. Rhianna wore a dress she bought from River Island and a little cardigan she got in a shop calld Alook, which can be found in the Eyre Square shopping Centre. Her flats were from Penneys/ Primark.

I wore a dress that I had brought last year for my 21st birthday and a matching cardigan, both of which I bought in Oasis in Cork city. My strappy wedges were from Penneys/ Primark. I got them a few weeks ago and they were a bargain.... I'm sure they will be coming back im stock because they practically ran off the shelves.

Make up selfie- I got my amazing pink lipstick in Claire's accessories in Galway. It's bright colour matched my belt and handbag perfectly. I wore brown eyeshadow and plenty of mascara to make my eyes pop a little.

I got to wear my sunglasses which doesn't happen a lot in Ireland. My dad got them for me as a gift in Spain. They are super comfy and are always my 'go-to' pair.

My hair was done by my amazing friend and soon-to-be super hairstylist to the stars, Sophie- who did some amazing curls with the GHD and pinned back the sides. I probably should have left them down because that would have been perfect to hide my tears during the service and speeches.

This is the detail of my dress. It's very oriental with old Asian houses and gardens in the pattern, along with some river scenes. This is an amazing dress for summer, it can be worn with sandals which is always a bonus.

My nail polish is 'Models Own' and the colour is grapejuice. This was a great colour and the polish lasted unchipped for about two days and thats good for me.

My jewellery for the night was just a few rings and a bright pink bangle, nothing flashy. The eagle ring is from H&M and came in a packet with two others. The "love" midi ring is from River Island and is still in stock in the Galway shop last I checked.

I ended up changing my shoes into these stunning blue sandals from New Look. My little sister owns them, she got them last week and wore them for about an hour before she took them off. Poor thing couldn't walk anymore- I took full advantage of them.... Plus they matched my outfit.

And of course, champagne on arrival was a perk. I love this part of the evening.

Anyways, hope you enjoyed the post


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