Thursday, 23 January 2014

New Year... New Hairstyle

Long bobs or lobs as they are known are kicking ass and taking names. And with all these celebrities rocking this look, it is bound to be the latest trend.

Ciara has hers lightened at the tips and has the front with a slight wave for body.

Alexa Chung has her just woke up hair and of course the lob can be worn with bangs also.

Sleeked back lobs- oooh la la!!

Rose Byrne is my ultimate hair envy! She has an effortless style about her and her hair always looks stunning! Recently, I got my hair cut, I used a picture of Rose as my inspiration for my hairdresser.

Aaaaah the 'Rachel' haircut, almost! Although this 'Rachel' is longer and sleeker in look Jennifer can still pull it off.

Olivia Palmero is another hair inspo of mine!! She always knows how to style her hair to look classy and chic.

And the most recent to join the lob team, ms Kylie Jenner... Her's may just be my favourite. It's edgy and has a slight air of punk rocker about it. She looks amazing! And it really suits her face shape. She shows you that even if you have thick hair, like myself, you can still wear a long bob and look fabulous.

Here's a quick pic of me ( on the right) and my Cousin and fello blogger Meghan Jones from MeghanMode, see link below.... We had a night out for the new year. This pic shows my lob. I was so nervous cutting my long hair short but I love it. It cuts your styling time in half and it's so easy to style, from sleek straight to messy bed head- this hairstyle is the way forward.

Enjoy Chicks,

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Disclaimer- I do not own any photos other then the one immediately above. All other photos were from the internet and own to those people.

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  1. Long bobs or lob hairstyles did dominate most of 2014. That trend seemed to have carried over this year, seeing celebrities like Anne Hathaway and Karlie Kloss rocking its curlier and shorter version. Anyway, your lobs looked great on you! Are you still sporting this hairdo? I wouldn’t be surprised if so. Cheers!

    Earl White @ Salon 241