Friday, 24 January 2014

Spring Summer '14 Trend Part 1- Pastels

Pastel colours are the essence of understated elegance. Baby pink, lavender, minty green and powder blue are essential colours for your S/S'14. These colours are usually associated with spring so are perfect to start the year off, and ooze luxury. The soothing colours are replacing your lil black dress, so don't shy away from the pale colours this season. The soft colours soften heavy fabrics and make most outfits very feminine.

Darker colours can be used to hide your problem areas and use the pastels to enhance your favourite body parts. Like if you have cracking long legs try a pair of pastel jeans or fitted trousers.

The key to pastels is to get the right colour.... Pairing up with a charcoal grey, light camel or a crisp white like Aleshia Dixon can work beautifully. Or why not try teaming your pastel piece with burgendy, dark moss green or black like Allison Williams.

This is a great outfit, teaming up these amazing yellow trousers with the powder blue jumper is a fabulous colour combination. And the winter white shoes and shirt collar are key accessories.

Invest in camel or peach, both of these are super sophisticated colours and are essential in your SS wardrobe. Camel goes with everything and looks great no matter what your skin tones. And try wearing you peach with a red lippy.

If you have pale features, have no fear.... Don't run and hide when it comes to pastels. Although most people feel that the pastels tend to make them appear chalky or washed out. But this problem can be solved very easily, keep away from turtlenecks, go for camisoles, stick with satin and if needs be, wear you pastel colours on your bottom half to keep away from your face.

Coloured pastel hue wedding dresses are all the rage these days... And like Kaley Cuoco rocked her baby pink wedding dress a few weeks ago. She look at ease in this super dress. It works so well with her skin tone. And her accessories are elegant and understated, with just a string of pearls and of course her wedding ring.

A dress made from thin fabric, like Mila Kunis' above, is perfect for those special occasions and is breathable for those hot days we are hoping to come this Summer.

This blog post will be part one of a series of blogposts in which I will cover this season's must have trends.

So hope you enjoyed, and stay tuned for the next in series.

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