Friday, 19 July 2013

Perfect Accessory For Summertime

I know... I know... I'm in dyer need of a recent blog post, and to be totally honest, i've been having a mental block as to what to write about!

Anyways here we go....

Its summer time, and its the perfect time for accessories. These accessories are the ones that make or break an outfit.

Cocktails... Are perfect accessories for summer but hats are the way to go... Hats, hairbands and bandanas.

And who doesn't love a good headpiece.

The Turban / Bandana:

This picture is the pic that started this whole post. I love Sarah Jessica Parker and sure who doesn't love Sex In The City. This turban suits her and she looks just amazing in it.

Selena looks so good here... Her glasses are amazing.

This orange colour is amazing

Nicole Richie looks so good here, just tie a cute scarf around your head and you're ready to go.

Black on black turban and fur...super chic

I recently bought a bandana like this one on Agyness Deyn... Its so easy to pull off and because these bandanas come in so many colours there is bound to be one out there for you.

And there is so many ways to wear a bandana...

This might be my favourite look and that green and orange bandana is amazing.

Think of the 60's when you pick out a bandana.

The Trilby:

Love this cute little trilby... These hats always remind me of my cousin Meghan from MghanMode... She can pull of this trilby style hat even better then SJP and that hard... Have a look...

Doesn't she look fab!! We have been having stunning weather for the last 10 days and we headed the beach yesterday and so many people had hats on!

The Fedora:

Now the fedora is one of my preferred hat types... It depends on the shape of your face but this is the hat for me...

This one is amazing on Kate Moss... This burgundy ribbon is amazing.

Nicole Richie is the ultimate in hat wearers... This red hat suits her so well.

The Bowler:

The bowler hat is back with a bang and it is flying off the shelves in shops all over Galway... Boohoo have an amazing bowler hat and I really want one... TopShop have a fab black straw hat which i am dying to get.

The Floppy:

Note to self: invest in a good floppy hat for summer time!
Nicole with the floppy, Rachel Zoe wearing a Derby / Bowler and Chloe wearing the porkpie hat, which looks so good on her.

So get on the hat band wagon and go invest... Its a vital piece for summer!!!!


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