Friday, 5 July 2013

Men And Their Suits

So I'm watching season one of the hit US show Suits, starring Gabriel Macht and Patrick J. Adams, and I love it. I fell in love with the story lines and the background to the show but what got me hooked was the way the men dressed. Gabriel Macht plays high profile attorney called Harvey Specter who dresses in a clean cut suits all the time, with great colourful ties and amazing shirts.

So it got me thinking, what male celebrities wear tailored suits and look HOT. I don't know if its the idea of Christian Grey or just the lure of a man in a suit but I love it. Three piece suits are a favourite of Harvey Specter's and I can honestly say, they would be my favourite.

I think its the slicked back hair and the cheeky comebacks he makes that had me falling for his cool character in the first episode.

Patrick J. Adams looking dapper in this suit. His character is Suits doesn't get to wear the nicest three pieces. And with the checked shirt.... Its almost panty dropping.

Hugh Jackman, is another man who looks fantastic in a three piece suit. He sure can pull it off.

Matt Bomer, from White Collar, always looks good in his three pieces.

And an unlikely man to think of its Zac Efron.... Who looks great, especially with his stubbly beard.

And who could forget Ryan Reynolds.

Don't forget to shine your shoes... And no white sports socks... Please it always looks atrocious. All us girls see when you walk is these horrible white socks.

Try different coloured suits, or patterned suits... Not all suits have to be black. Have a look at these coloured suits and you may end up with a lovely lady like Emma Stone on your arm.

If your wearing a dicky bow make sure its straight...Good man Ryan. Looking smart.

Loving this purple suit on Gabriel Macht.... Yummy!!

And who could forget the king of amazing tailored suits.... Chuck Bass from Gossip Girl. What a great suit.... As I read recently a well tailored suit is to a woman what lingerie is to men.

And don't worry you don't always have a good suit sitting in the wardrobe, go out and invest in one.... Want to look like Bruce Wayne, you deserve it! Or at least us women deserve seeing you guys in a well tailored suit.

Ao do it for us, INVEST IN A WELL MADE TAILORED SUIT and dress like James Bond.


  1. AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING post and I love the new layout it's so easy to read your content, really lovely.

  2. Why thanks lady... Wuld have never got the idea if u hadnt introduced me to Suits.... The best show in the world!!! Hahaha <3 u