Saturday, 20 July 2013

The Style Sisters: Cara and Poppy Delevingne

Poppy and Cara Delevingne are this year's "it" girls.... Socialites and models, wearing the best designer clothes and hanging out with the most famous of famous people, but the style difference between these two sisters is massive.

Cara (the eyebrows) Delevingne is the beautiful and goofy acting younger sister. While Poppy is the elder of the two and her sense of style is very different.

Cara's style is more boyish then her sisters. She prefers skinny jeans and scruffy boots, beanie hats and leather jackets, baggy T-shirts, snapback caps and boyfriend jumpers... This style is amazing on her and I could not imagine her in anything else. She wears this type of clothes so well and looks stunning regardless. Her style shows off her playful nature and fun sense of humour.

Love this outfit, what a great jumper... And those over the knee high boots.

Poppy Delevingne, on the other hand... Her style is more calculated, chic and elegant.

Wearing fabrics such as fur, silk, denim and even lace... Poppy looks fab. She can pull off cute little dresses, elegant evening gowns and even super casual denim shorts. Poppy is an all-rounder. The colour palette of her outfit choices is magnolia cream, white, nude and also dark colours including black, mahogany, purple and wine red.

Jumping on the band wagon with the cat ear headbands.

Pulling off preppy chic, with this blue trousers paired up with the blouse buttoned all the way up. And the cute cardie makes the outfit.

Love this playsuit.... Looks stunning on Poppy, love her!

She loves a statement piece and this red and white fur waistcoat is just that,a statement piece for this otherwise ordinary outfit.

These sisters maybe close and more best friends then sisters but their style choices couldn't be more different.

Who's style do you prefer?

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