Thursday, 27 June 2013

Rihanna Concert at the Aviva Stadium

So I took my younger sister to her first ever concert last week to see the amazing Rihanna, and considering my little sisters name is Rhianna she was only to delighted to be there. I have to admit though i was a little nervous as to how it would go and how she would sound in such a massive stadium. It was her biggest selling gig in Ireland to date and it did not seem to phase her at all.... She was simply fantastic.
I usually find myself listening to other people like The Civil Wars, or John Mayer... And only on nights out would i listen to Rihanna but we bought her new album Unapologetic and I couldn't stop listening to her. Her album was amazing, showing her talent at mixing sounds up.

At first i found her hard to see on the stage, she wore this amazing black piece designed by Givenchy but with her background screens also black it was difficult to see her... But we could certainly hear her, she has a brilliant voice.

Her hair was stunning.

My little sister, learning from the best.... Poser!

My sister, Rhianna and I at the concert!

Rihanna's outfit choices blew my mind, she wore the most amazing outfits and they all suited her! Have a look at her outfit changes at her previous concerts!

After the concert, the singer stayed at the Four Seasons in Dublin, staying the whole weekend before moving on to Amsterdam. She partied after the concert in Lillies and looked just as good then.

So the singer looked fab, but her outfit as she arrived in Amsterdam was stunning have a peak...

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