Thursday, 13 June 2013

Sunglasses: An Investment Piece Even In Ireland

So the exam weather is here and sunglasses are a must. But I've found that the cheap ones do not offer the proper protection for your eyes and as a result I ended up getting slightly sunburnt around my eyes. This made me realise I really want to invest in a proper good pair of sunnies, so I have been looking around online and in local shops and since I'm going away to Spain in August I figured what better time to get a pair then in Duty-free at the airpot.

So people who read my blog regularly will know I am in love with everything 80's, movies, music, clothes... you name it I probably had a love for it at one time or another. And so I've falling back in love with RayBans and their Clubmaster designs. Especially these marble effect purple and white Catty Clubmaster.

And the even come in this blue and red design. I am just so in love with them. As a friend once told me, they are an investment piece, and once you spend that kind of money on something you are more likely to mind them and keep them safe.

Have a look at the most latest RayBan designs... Everything from the original Wayfarer to the aviators, I just can't get enough of them.

Recently becoming as popular as they were in the 70's and 80's, Wayfarer sunglasses were often cited as the best selling glasses in history. Having had a loss in sales during the 70's, RayBan made a deal to have their sunglasses used in hundreds on movies and Tv shows as product placement, and this product could not have been more perfectly placed. Making their comeback in 1983 with 360,000 pairs sold in one year all because of its placement in Risky Business staring Tom Cruise. They are one of the most enduring fashion icons of the 20th century

The Aviators, originally designed for the air force given the name "pilots glasses" with G15 mirrored lenses ideal for blocking out the blinding sun. Worn by even famous person around including some of the Beatles, every cast member of the 80's hit movie Top Gun, and even the crazy Jackass crew such as Johnny Knoxville wears them. They are highly stylish and extremely light on the face and this design hasn't changed much since it's release in 1936.

Moral of this post: invest in good UV protection sunglasses as an " Investment piece"


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