Friday, 10 May 2013

Met Gala.... PUNK: Chaos to Couture

The Costume Institute Gala or as it's commonly know as the Met Ball. And I would have done a post a lot sooner but I had my finals and everything was so busy with college so here we are... a week or so later... ANYWAY... The Met Ball is an annual event celebrating the opening of the Metropolitan Museum's fashion exhibition at the costume institute. Vogue is in charge of the red carpet each year and share the costs of running the event with Chanel. Each year the event has a theme; this year's theme was PUNK: Chaos to Couture. Last years theme was; Schiaparelli and Prada: Impossible Conversations. And in 2011 the honored Alexander McQueen with the theme revolving around him and fashion as a national identity.

January Jones trying hand at the punk look.
Miley Cyrus hit the nail in the head with her super chic Marc Jacobs dress but her hair was a miss for me.

Jessica Biel looks fab in this outfit, and even had a nose ring for the occasion.

World's Best Dressed Woman- Kristen Stewart in a Stella McCarthy playsuit... i really didn't think this worked for her. 

Zooey Dechanel- who else had to look twice at Zooey minus her bangs... I know I had to, she looks completely different. 

Alecia Keys in leather and sequins. 

Rooney Mara was one of my best dressed of the night, if not my best dressed. This dress screamed elegance and her make up and hair was stunning.

Jennifer Lawrence and Elizabeth Banks

Oh Lord... Madonna was in heaven in this outfit... she raided her wardrobe to the 80's years and looks horrid.

Pregnant Hart of Dixie's Jaime King looks amazing in this satin suit. 

Nicole Richie rocking a Topshop dress which will be available in shops later this year. The hair... The dress... The bag... Oh I just love this outfit.

Anne Hathaway dyed her hair bleach blonde and looked amazing in vintage Valentino.
I wasn't too sure who this was at first.... Renee Zellweger ,what has happened here?

Kate Bosworth 

Sienna Miller pulled off the biker leather jacket with a stunning gown. Well Done Sienna.... Gold Star of the outfit choice.

Sarah Jessica Parker.... Punking it up, flashing her nicks... and looking fab, I'm sorry to say I love the fact that she let Carrie Bradshaw outta the bag for the night.... a homage to her alter ego and you gotta love her for following the theme. Wearing a Phillip Tracey hat, I love her to much for that one! 

Mrs. Ryan Renolds... Blake Lively looks so elegant in this, dripping with elegance.

Cara Delevingne went for a black studded dress and looked amazing amid her cocaine/ white powder drama this week. 

Who knew Hermione Granger looked this good!

Sarah's Phillip Tracey headpiece.... Mohawk all the way. 

The mighty Vivienne Westwood.

Game Of Thrones actress, Emilie Clark looks fantastic as always.

Awwwwh... world's cutest couple.

Phil Collin's daughter Lily Collins looking very gothic with her BF on the night.

Miranda Kerr in Michael Korrs... Oh la la 

Another stunning dress on another stunning woman. 

Florence and The Machine was one of the performers on the night.

Debbie Harry... on stage in thigh high boots.... go Debbie.

Really wish Kristen didn't look so dead in the photo, her make up is horrible. Sorry Kris

What an entrance. 

Love this pic, it's so natural.... and loving Jaime's hair in this.

Oooooh the tarten thigh highs.... just can't get enough... <3

The Fanning sisters

Besties!!! :-P

Another extremely cute couple... excuse me while i barf! :-P

The Olsen Twins.

The one and only Carolina Herrera.

Kanye West also performed. 

The only good pic of Kim.... Just a Note: Kimmy try not dress like Mrs Doubtfire next time! 

This pic looks like its taken from the archives. 

And Tayolr Swift back to her waves... looking lovely. 
So the fashion of the Met Ball this year was a little bit of a hit and miss.... but the ones I loved I truly adored! 

Sorry it's been so long since I've done a proper post so now that I'm on Summer holidays and finally finished with 4 years of college, you ain't getting rid of me now.

Thanks for reading, 


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