Saturday, 4 October 2014

Burberry's Blanket Shawl

So this is the must have item in every celebrity and socialites wardrobe this AW. When the models walked the runway in the show each with their own customised shawl, everyone watching was shouting for one of their own.... And ever since the show, celebrities are all following suit and getting their own Burberry blanket shawl.

Each celeb wears it so differently.... One person to first rock it outside the runway was Olivia Palmero- who wore it amazingly with these knee high boots and tweed shorts which only accentuated the colours in the shawl

Cara looked stunning on the Burberry runway, where she was lucky enough to lead the final walk of the show.

Sookie Waterhouse, wore hers with these black cigarette pants and pointed nude heels... Looked fab!! And over that great bottle green trench coat, she really knows how to work it.

And of course, Rosie walked out in her knee highs and that killer red soles. Pair it with the fedora and it really does make the outfit.... Everything she wears is casual yet chic.

Sarah Jessica Parker, was the most recent celebrity to show her face in this amazing shawl, and she, as always looked stunning.

Although the palette of the shawl is perfect the way it is, the initials on the edges give it the 'oomph' that makes it so fabulous. The autumnal palette features all the best colours for this season. And the boxy details are simple yet understated just enough to give it that desirable "I must have that right now" feeling.

Ooooooh I want it soooo soooo much, but it might just be a lil out of my price range.


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