Sunday, 24 August 2014

Saved By The Bell 25 years.... The Fashion

So people my age would have to remember Saved By The Bell.... It played on Nickelodeon way back when and it had the ultimate babe as one of the leading lady. There was Zack Morris and his too cool for school attitude, and his love interest Kelly Kapowski.

Kelly's style was everything 80's and more. She rocked the crop top before everyone else... And lets not forget the mom jeans.

She rocks the double denim and the super quiff hair.... Every girl adored her, probably just as much as Zack Morris and AC Slater.

I love this outfit on her, so young, so fun... And we still live patterned trousers.

Simply stunning in mom jeans.

This crop top is just like the ones on sale nowadays, i love how fashion swings in circles..... Wonder whats next!?

And who can forget the giant oversized jumpers. Wouldn't they look fab with a pair of leggings.

Off the shoulder crop top and mom jean shorts, summers hottest look.

Kelly is every boys onscreen crush and even every girls. Girls wanted to be her and dress like her and boys just wanted to be with her.

Saved by the bell, the best programme around, with the best 80's style.

Just a quick post, nothing fancy.


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