Thursday, 13 February 2014

Make Up Post... White Eyeliner

So i recently bought a white eyeliner and the ideas and possibilities are endless.
Here are some inspirations for you to use your new look... Ditch the black and run with the white liner.

When lining the top of the eye, never do it alone. Always add a black line either above or below the white. It can be very strong without that.

Try flicks for a great look.

Try mixing it up with a pop of colour above on the eye lid and then line the waterline with the white.

By drawing on the bottom waterline of your eyes, gives the illusion of bigger wider eyes.

You can always use the use eyeliner as a shadow. This is done by drawing on a sideway "V" on the inside corner of your eyes. This brightens up your eyes and its a very quick way to glam up before you run out the door.

Always blend the white liner. Blend blend blend.

As seen on, white eyeliner was used to highlight the eyebrow area and enhance the natural shape of you face.

Hope this is helpful and if you have any more suggestions of how i could use my new liner let me know, leave a comment.

Kisses chickies....

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