Friday, 29 November 2013

Everything You Need To Know About Painting Your Nails

So here we go...

All my friends know I am the nail polish queen. I am a firm believer that you can never have enough nail polishes.

Three brush strokes is all you ever need when painting your nails. So that means that a decent-size bead of polish is needed at the edge of your brush. The polish is there to make your life easier. The newer polishes are more liquid and can move with the brush much easier. The brush is just the guide that moves your polish bead into place on the nail. Start at the base of your nail and stroke to the left, to the right and finally down the center.

I know this sounds trivial, but it makes all the difference.

Wow, my hands look crazy! Haha

A base coat is vital. A base coat gives the coloured polish something to stick too Nd makes your manicure last a couple more days. And also stops staining of your nails. If your are someone like me who wears polish all the time, this is a bonus to stop your nails going yellow.

TIP: If you are planning a neon colour for a crazy night out at a UV party then always use a base coat of a light colour maybe white or nude, never clear. This is because neon colours tend to be sheer and it makes them seem thicker.

Avoid quick drying nail polish. They tend to be dehydrating on your nails.

Cuticle oil is vital to keep nails feeling and looking healthy. Use its every time you apply polish. Applying it over your entire nail also helps preventing chipping when they are accidentally hit. Cuticle oil also hydrates the nail and helps keep your nails strong and inevitably preventing breaking. So it's a win win!!

Cold water helps them dry faster. So holding your fingers in a bowl of iced water or under a cold running tap can help the drying process.

Storing your polish in a cool, dark place such as the fridge can help keep them fresh and allows the formula to last longer. Never shake your polishes, this can form air bubbles. Roll the bottle backwards and forwards in your hands, this motion is more then enough to mix the contents.

When you file your nails, always go in one direction. Never go back and forth, this can cause jagged edges, and no one wants that.

If you are the type of girl to go for the glitter, then you will know what a horror it is to remove. Therefore, here i am to help you when you need to remove them. Use a cotton ball to help remove nail glitter. Soaking the cotton ball in remover, forming the cotton ball over each glittered nail and allowing them to sit on top of the nail for a few minutes can help. Then, gently apply some pressure and wipe off with the cotton ball... The glitter should just lift off!

And always use a top coat!!!!

Now you have all the tips you need to have super pretty nails for christmas!

Here are a few christmas themed nails for inspiration.

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