Saturday, 14 September 2013

Night Outfit Of Choice

I had a brilliant night out the last night, with my Cousin/ fellow fashion blogger and best friend Meghan from MeghanMode. You can check out her blog link below.

So I thought I would get up the courage to post my first every outfit post. Exciting stuff. I had a fantastic night, and a great reunion with my girl.

Posing up a storm, haha

Meghan and I taking a quick snap in the bathrooms as is the norm on a night out.

A clash of colour was perfect to wear. The night was cool so no need for a jacket.

White trousers purchased from Primark for €20. The orange floaty top bought on my holidays in Spain in a shop called Lefties for €11. The pink belt was part of a set. And my shoes, seen below are also from Primark and cost €18.

It's been one of my favourite outfit choices, i felt so comfortable, which is just waht a girl needs on a night out. Although my feet were dying the next day, pain equals beauty as they tell us.

Pink and orange flowered wedges from Primark.

Today I posted the look on LOOKBOOK.NU... And it is now available to "Hype" at the link below... If you like it why not give it a go!

Thanks for reading, hope you like the outfit...


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