Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Holiday Buys!!

So I went on holidays to Spain with my family and arrived home two days ago. I bought so much that it was a struggle to pack it all.
The weather was amazing, but a little too hot for me. It was 35 degrees every day, and without a breeze it was nearly unbearable.... Nearly!
If you follow my Instagram @alifromfashiondissected, then ye would have seen the pictures and all the updates from my hols.

We often when off on day trips and the views were amazing.

Me and my little sister enjoying life. Xx

By the boat house.

My holiday nails and my new H&M ring... Most nail polishes were 90cent, so I stocked up on so many. And I even found my matte black nail polish in H&M which looks fab. Pictures to come next time I give it a try.

We walked the prom almost every night and I would be a liar if I didn't tell you I had so much ice cream.

So just a few pictures on some of the purchases I invested in, most of which I couldn't pass up. It was the time of the sales and I found all the bargains.

These amazing heels only cost €26, I've never seen a design like them.

My new red Vans, there were so many to choose from.

Leather over-the-knee boots, black with a red and cream stitch detail.

A bargain on jeans and leggings.

And this leather skirt was in the sale part in a shop called Lefties- which is not in Ireland. For only €2.99 I couldn't pass it up.

Another bodycon skirt from Lefties, with this pattern.

A scarf with this tiger pattern was on sale in Zara.

Letter print shirt from H&M is going to go perfect with dark jeans and a wooly cardigan. And the black and white stripe top will go great with black wet look leggings.

My Louis Vuitton-esque dress. With an amazing pearl detail around the neck.

And the ultimate purchase, my Guess handbag. Simply stunning... With and amazing yellow strap, which just happened to match my purse. The second I saw my purse matched the bag well i had to have it but it was a little better that it was on sale.

I love it and it hasn't been off my arm since.

Hope you enjoyed my quick post from my holidays, any questions or comments don't hesitate to contact me... And why not check out the Instagram feed aswell.


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