Sunday, 10 February 2013

New York Fashion Week Part 1

Semi-annual New York Fashion Week is held every February and September in New York City, and is one of four fashion shows held around the world every year. They include Milan, London and Paris! First held in 1934, was the first every organised fashion show. Spring/Summer collections are shown in September and Autumn/Winter collections are shown in february.

There are so many shows to talk about so in this post I'm going to focus on Jason Wu, one of my favourite designers and ,of course, the well known Herve Ledger by Max Azria.


Herve Ledger is one of the most famous fashion houses in the world founded in 1985 by Herve L. Leroux. Since then they have made a massive impact in fashion and are now owned by BCBG Max Azria Group and are now run know as Herve Ledger by Max Azria. Their signature dress is the bandage dress, which hugs the body and shows off the models figure in different pieces of fabric. This years designs still hold the bandage style dress but with a slight difference they have leather, fur and sequins all worn with a felt jockey hats. Their dresses are all A line and worn with a pair of matching leggings that gather at the ankle. Their is an Art Deco and Art Nouveau style to these pieces! A few pieces are worn with fur hoodies as a way of blocking colours! I am a huge fan of these designs and i can be sure you will be seeing celebrities wearing these designs soon enough! As everyone know celebrities love this designer so wont't be long now.

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