Saturday, 5 January 2013

Nail art

Nails can really make a major difference to your outfit. I live to do my nails! I get all my ideas from and google images. Some people have a great eye for detail!

Nail polishes that are available these days come in many different colours and give different finishes.

Creme finishes is a normal colour without any shimmers or glitter added, perfect for everyday uses and as the base coat of a French manicure.
Shimmer and glass flecked polishes allow for a great smooth finish and are available in high gloss shiny colours.
Foil and pearl polishes allow for a slight brush stroke to be seen but it adds to the effect, these new foil polishes are used to give a metallic effect with the addition of glitter. I find metallic polishes and foil polishes are very nice when you are wearing a black outfit! Perfect polish to liven up your little black dress.
Glitter polishes can sometimes be found in top coats. Top coats can be very nice when they have the addition if different types of glitter!

This blog post is a great help with picking the right polish! It's a fantastic post and helped me get to know what type of polish is needed!

Nails don't have to be a plain coat of colour, new tiny brush nail pens can be found anywhere! I buy mine in Boots but they also sell them in Superdrug! These nail pens come in black, white, yellow, red and blue and they are very useful when designing nails!

Have a look at some of these nail designs, they can be really easy but some are very complex in design!

So get creative with your nails this year! It's a new year- why not give it a try!?!


  1. I love this post, I love all the information and images so nice

  2. haha well lwt me tell ya this entry took a while to research and eveything! had been planning it for a while and i had a load of photos got! its one of my faourite posts coz even i come back to it to get ideas for my own nails haha :-D