Wednesday, 30 January 2013

It's all about the big handbags

A handbag- an object belonging to every woman and contains there most personal belongings. I was always told never to look into someone else's handbag, so since I can't look inside these bags we can oogle their outside instead!

I prefer big bags! The kind celebrities use to hide baby bumps- I'm sure Kim Kardashian will be using one of these very soon!

The idea for this post came from A picture I seen of Victoria Beckham taking her son out for chips- and she was carrying one o her own designs- a fabulous black and tan tote bag! Stunning but at 2000pounds it's a bag I know if I owned I wouldn't ever wear to the chippy!

Miranda Kerr, Hilary Duff, The Made in Chelsea Girls, Rachel Bilson and Eva Longoria are just a few celebrities that are fans of these bags! They can come in all different colours and different styles. I myself prefer the structured styles and tan is my favourite colour.

Here are some of my favourite bags on the arms of celebrities and even some designed by some lucky celebrities!
The last few are all designed by Victoria Beckham, and are my favourite designs in her collection. Miranda Kerr has a fantastic collection of bags, her maroon ones are my favourite- she always knows how to accessorise her bags to outfit!

Love A


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