Thursday, 13 December 2012

Leighton Meester

Leighton Meester looks amazing in the dress! I love the colour- it's really in this season and the fishtail bottom to this dress is fab! It's shows off her amazing body and she looks so slender and slim in this dress! It's a winner for me! I don't think anyone could do wrong in a dress like this!

If you got it.... And Leighton certainly does then flaunt it and wear those amazing dresses that girls like me only dream of wear never mind looking as good as she does!

Love love love this dress! I can't say it enough!! Being on gossip girl has surely shown this lady a thing or two about what to wear and what not to wear because she has yet to make a mistake in my book! I'm sure Serena Van Der Woodsen would approve!!

Blair Waldorf through and through


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