Saturday, 10 November 2012

This weeks Favourtie Celebrity style outfits

 Everything from Angels off work to the Kardashian sisters to New york's Olivia Palermo!

I love this outfit on Jessica Alba, but look at her amazing pattern jeans! Ah-Maz-Ing

Alessandra Ambrosio in LAX just back from VS catwalk.... So she doesn't have the multimillion dollar bra on she still looks hot
Miranda Kerr.... Loving her bag and ballerina but her coat really makes this outfit, where do i find a coat like that A.S.A.P

Kim Looking Fab in Fur!?!

Olivia Palermo, love her cluth bag... I'm sure it cost a pretty penny! And her mint green stole is beautiful... All about the accessories with her in this outfit

And the Kardashians have launched their "Kollection" in London this week, and this is what can be expected I'm sure.... will be available in Dorthey Perkins to sure we couldn't ask for more!   
Loves xXx

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