Monday, 5 August 2013

Cara Delevingne, Walter Pfeiffer and Vogue UK's September Issue

So, this is the second time I've tried to write this blog post, I had this done, typed and all but my blogger App decided to delete it! Anyways here we go for round two,

This here in the photo below is photographer Walter Pfeiffer. Pfeiffer was born in Switzerland and has been a photographer for the last 40 years. He is the man people turn too and he is a form of inspiration for many photographers all around the world.

I mention Walter Pfeiffer in my post because he is the man who took the most recent shot of Cara Delevingne for the September Issue of Vogue UK. It is superb, and I usually don't post about editorials or shoots in magazines but this spread is just fantastic.

This photographer and tone of the worlds most famous model faces make an amazing team. The pictures are new and innovative using strange pieces as centrepieces and making Cara work to catch the readers eye.

The outfits are simple yet beautiful, all except this two piece matching print suit. Its amazing. Its bang on trend and i just adore the pattern. And using a strawberry as an accessory is something only Cara would think of doing.

Not many models can work with there back to the camera and still make a beautiful picture.... And Cara has done it twice in one shoot.

This photo makes Cara look almost doll-like.

Ooooh and pink doggies.... Only in Vogue and only by Walter Pfeiffer and only with Cara Delevingne.


  1. It looks like she's everywhere now but I have to say that this photos are more than great.

  2. I agree she is everywhere but these photos rekindled my obession with her haha