Tuesday, 20 November 2012

This Weeks Inspirational Looks... Enjoy!

Here are a few of the best... Which ones are your Favourites??
Hope You Enjoy the post! xXxx

Lady Gaga in a monochrome dress, looks amazing!
Ashley Greene wearing a navy gown to the Breaking Dawn Part 2 premiere.
Gwen Stefani performed at the American Music Awards with No Doubt, wearing a houndstooth coat and leather pants, with a translucent blouse and black bra.

Jennifer Lawrence on Jay Leno

Jenny McCarthy at the AMA

Jessica Biel on David Letterman, wearing this lovely blue dress with emerald green sleeves and sky blue heels.
And what she wore before her appearance, a long floor length coat and a pair of skinny jeans and black ankle boots.

Keira Knightley on the Ellen Show, wearing a willow patterned red and white dress.

Maggie Grace at the Breaking Dawn part 2 premiere

Miranda Kerr Looking lovely in peach

Peaches Geldof at the Breaking Dawn part 2 premiere

Sarah Jessica Parker wore mickey mouse ears at the launch of Disney's short film made for Barney's department store. The film is called Electric holiday and is about Minnie Mouse and who she meets at New York's Fashion Week.

Miranda Kerr being a lady around town. Looking amazing in the red dress above but my favourite outfit is the pink and black pencil skirt with the black top. Ah-Maz-Ing!

Stacey Keibler, the ex-wrestler wore this silver dress and showed off her amazing legs at the AMAs.

Taylor Swift before her performance at the AMAs.

During her performance she wore a black, gold and burgundy corset and a black mesch skirt.



  1. Hey Alison!

    Thanks for coming by our blog because now we get to see yours!
    Adore the photo's! Ashley Greene always looks so elegant, the woman can do no wrong in my eyes!
    Taylor Swift look adorable in the Gothic corset gown!
    Great post!! Chat soon!

    ~ Tasha FashionCherry Team

  2. Wow thanks FashionCherry, wasn't expecting a reply... Well Ive only just started but hopefully mine will be as good as your soon! Chat again soon! P.s your so right on Ashley Greene...love her thanks again for dropping by X